Jonny Lipford

Having grown up in Jackson County, Florida, but now touring the United States and Canada, teaching the art of playing the Native American style flute to students of all levels and continuing to build his fan base across the globe. Jonny Lipford takes an age old instrument and uses it to create not only the traditional sounds, but also sounds that are new and not commonly linked to the Native American style flute- a voice all his own. In every song you hear, you’ll experience the unbridled passion of an individual who has experienced far more than many people his age. Jonny’s innate sense of composition and mature understanding of melody touches the soul. Jonny’s hands play out melodies that are uniquely pure, envoking a variety of emotions that will warm your heart and leave you astonished at his musical technique. Whether it be a jazzy beat, spirited tune or a heartfelt ballad that you desire, you will surely be satisfied.

Jonny is widely known for adding a contemporary and invigorating flare to a music scene consisting of mostly traditional and relaxing music. His debut album, Transitions, created a trend for his artistry and his second release, Cross Roads, put him on the map as a musician to carefully watch. Since then, Lipford has released several more albums; each gaining popularity amongst the public and music industry professionals. Lipford is a well-decorated artist for being one of the youngest in his industry. He is truly a versatile flutist and can adapt to any genre of music with an ease that’s unique. However, he is also a musician that knows his heart and artistry to which his artistry remains true.

Today Jonny Lipford, who started his musical journey at the young age of 13, continues to shares his music with audiences across the United States and broadcasts world wide. Lipford has been featured on, the worlds largest collection of broadcasted Native music, as Spotlight Artist with the debut of his first release. As a composer of his own original music, Jonny has been recognized as a two time NAMA Nominee, ISMA and JPF Nominee and NEMA Winner. Along his journey, he has shared the stage with many notable musicians and most will find it hard to believe that one so young could have mastered the flute so perfectly. With a love and respect for all types of music, Jonny awakens these genres, making him a true virtuoso in this industry.

His 11th & 12th albums, Moonsongs and Fields Of Harmony, were released in 2014.

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