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An easy way to broadcast events you promote
in the Florida Panhandle / Northwest Florida.

As of March 31, 2011, this is a work in progress, so bear with us. If you create Events on Facebook (which most people serious about promoting events do), just by inviting @nwfla and/or typing 6 characters (@nwfla) into a status post on that event, your event should show up on our Panhandle On-Line Events Page. As Panhandle On-Line is the oldest site on the Internet for information on the Florida Panhandle / West Florida, your event will get wide viewing. We are working on ways to capture the feed from the Nwfla Events Page on Facebook to publish here, on twitter, and on RSS feeds across numerous applicable sites. Thus, we are making it extremely easy to broadcast post your Florida Panhandle / Northwest Florida events while you create the event in Facebook..

Even if you do not create an event in Facebook, if you have a web page on the event, you can still just post the link to that page to our wall on the Nwfla Events Page on Facebook, or just send us a tweet to @nwfla.

In order for your event to show, you must first "Like" the Nwfla Events Page on Facebook. (This is not our rule, it is the way Facebook works. You can't invite or tag a page unless you are connected to the page. However, if the multiple postings there crowd out your newsfeed, you can simply hide it from your newsfeed on Facebook.) Then, just invite nwfla to all your events and/or type @nwfla in a status under your created events in Facebook and we should get them.

If you don't use Facebook or Facebook events, we will soon have a form you can use right here to post your events from here. Stay tuned to check on interesting Florida Panhandle events and to post your own.

We want to keep this easy and open, but we must have some rules to prevent aggregious spam. Please ONLY TAG EVENTS, not Facebook pages, websites, or what have you. Events Only Please!. If we find people repeatedly violating this rule, we will ban them from tagging. (But, we won't be so quick with that at first, we know it takes time to figure this stuff out. But, we will eventually have to strictly enforce that rule.)

Also, we will censor the posts for what common sense indicates is inappropriate for a general audience. If your events are hateful or kinky or just too far out there, we will delete the posts and, if repeated, we will ban the poster.

Otherwise, we welcome and encourage everyone to use this vehicle as a way to broadcast promote your Florida Panhandle events and we look forward to your participation!

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