(a) Administrative Order. If the chief judge of the circuit by administrative order authorizes the creation of a central governmental depository for the circuit or county within the circuit to receive, record, and disburse all support alimony or maintenance payments, as provided in section 61.181, Florida Statutes (1983), the court may direct that payment be made to the officer designated in the administrative order.

(b) Payments to Public Officer.

(1) If the court so directs, the payments shall be made to the officer designated.

(2) The officer shall keep complete and accurate accounts of all payments received. Payments shall be made by cash, money order, cashier's check, or certified check. The officer shall promptly disburse the proceeds to the party entitled to receive them under the judgment or order.

(3) Payment may be enforced by the party entitled to it or the court may establish a system under which the officer issues a motion for enforcement and a notice of hearing in the form approved by the supreme court. The motion and notice shall be served on the defaulting party in person or by mail. At the hearing the court shall enter an appropriate order based on the testimony presented to it.


1995 Adoption. This rule is a remnant of Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.611, which contained several unrelated issues. Those issues are now governed by separate rules for automatic disclosure, simplified dissolution procedure, and this rule for central governmental depository.

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